Tom Spalding

Head of Project Delivery

Tom Spalding - Head Of Project Delivery

How long have you been with Orion MIS?

Contracted to Orion for 18 months before joining as an employee on my birthday, so almost 3 years.

What did you do before joining Orion MIS?

I started as a warfare officer in the Royal Navy and then moved to project management when leaving the service. Since then I've completed a range of project management roles with a lot of time in the wind industry putting up development and power performance masts. I was lucky enough to travel all over the world, managing installation teams. I was also able to complete projects for all sizes of clients and work on the UK's largest wind turbine system, which culminated in a 3 month wind development project in Malawi for the world bank before making my transition to the automation industry.

What is your role within Orion MIS?

Head of Project Delivery.

What are you responsible for on a day-to-day basis?

Safe and efficient delivery of the designed system to meet the clients expectations.


How would this process work?

It's as simple as having everything in the right place at the right time. It can become more complex as we work around the many restrictions required to complete the works, thrown in by the real world day to day issues that clients experience. However, the key is remaining as flexible as possible, understanding the issues and assisting to help everyone pull in the same direction. It can be challenging at times, but this is why Orion are good at what we do.


What are three strengths that help you in your role?

  1. Honestly.

  2. Clear communication.

  3. The ability to empathise and see things from a client's perspective.

What do you think makes Orion MIS successful?

Me!!! Ha!

But really I think we work well as a team as we are all very customer focused, having the drive to deliver a project/product that we are proud of. I can honestly say there are no clients I wouldn't pick the phone up to out of hours for any reason, as we have always prided ourselves with going the extra mile.