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The impact of Automation

Automation is a growing trend in warehouses, the benefits of having an automated system integrated with human workers out weighs the potential cons of the solution. Having a system that pays back its cost of install and equipment by creating a more efficient working environment for the business is most definitely a win for ROI.

Predicted by the IDC, 'one quarter of Global 2000 companies will acquire at least one AI software start-up to ensure ownership of differentiated skills and IP (intellectual property) by 2023.' Furthermore, IDC saw '30 percent of cities using automation from the combination of IoT, AI, and digital twins, to blend the physical and digital and improve the remote management of critical infrastructure and digital services by 2025.' This statistic shows the fact, automation is becoming more popular because companies are getting more used to the fact that robotics, conveyor systems and so on can be favourable in some areas of their business.

The graphic above shows statistics with just a few of the key benefits and industries are already seeing the advantage of automation.

According to Productivity Inc. 'Over the next three decades, statistics show that more than 76 million baby boomers will retire and only 46 million new workers will be available to replace them. During this time, your demand for labour will continue, making automation a real and viable solution.' With less people around to fulfil all tasks, automation can take over the mundane jobs, leaving other areas of work more populated and functional.

This is where Orion can help, either by developing your businesses automation or creating a brand new unique system that fits your requirements. We work with our customers to understand what is needed by their system and how we can achieve maximum operational efficiency for them by utilising the space provided. Our team of designers work on a concept that shows you how the solution works so you can have the best understanding of what we are implementing on your site.

From simple installs or management to full scale design and implementation, we provide a range of services. Our lifecycle support allows us and the customer to have peace of mind that the solution is being maintained, from initial concept through to handover and beyond.


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