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Opportunities for warehouse automation in 2022

With labour shortages and supply chain issues continuing for the foreseeable future, companies have to adapt their systems and processes to keep up with rising demand.

To be able to fulfil orders while labour shortages occur, companies are looking into automating their systems to become scalable for the future. Some benefits of implementing an automated system are reliability and better ROI, this is because robots and solutions are less likely to mishandle products or miss items and can move, package, etc products much quicker than a human.

Orion can help companies implement automation to help with labour shortage issues caused by coronavirus, or even just general impacts. Orion solutions can help keep humans spaced to reduce transmitting illness, keep processes running quicker by adding solutions that run alongside humans, as well as assisting business with keeping up with demand when staff need to take time off to isolate.

Alongside the labour shortages is supply chain issues, the hindrance of not having reliable lead times or not being able to buy trusted products or equipment means issues in capitalising on opportunities and backlogs on products and orders.

Orion are independent integrators who can help automate your warehouse. Being independent is beneficial in the current climate as it means we can design, source and integrate a solution with the right products at a faster lead time as we aren't waiting around for one or two suppliers. With our new office facilities we are capable of testing solutions at our warehouse before integrating at customer sites. This means reduced issues and set backs once the system is integrated, leading to a smoother customer journey.

At Orion, customer experience is top priority. That's why we take the time to speak with our customers and visit their sites to get a better understanding of their issues and how we can develop a solution to help alleviate those issues.


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