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Is Automation worth it?

Is it worth getting an automated system in your warehouse?

Does it actually give you better efficiency and ROI?

Automation is extremely useful for warehouses and distribution centres as it allows for growth and changing demand. This is because the system uses robotics/ mechanical systems to move products around the warehouse quicker than by human hand. This means the human workers can be put into better use at another part of the warehouse, or integrated into the system in areas that need more care.

With the growing population of online sales and demand for quick deliveries, warehouses and distribution centres need to be on top form to get the products out to the right area so they are more efficient that competitors.

Using our services at Orion means we can help each part of your warehouse that needs upgrading, from the actual integrated system to management or support we work with you to make sure your system fits how you need it to and help your staff understand the changes.

We use a range of different products that we can use to create the perfect warehouse system for you.

Experienced installs of:

Conveyor Systems

Sortation Systems




Goods lifts

Steel structures & Mezzanines

Racking and Storage Systems


PLC programming, electrical panels and field wiring

In conclusion, yes it is definitely worth getting an automated system within your warehouse as it would allow you to use staff effectively leading to quicker inbound and outbound processes for products. With a better system comes a higher amount of work load per day than previously capable, leading to better ROI and happier customers.

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