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Intelligent Retrofitting

Intelligent retrofitting, also known as smart retrofitting, is the integration of new technologies and sensors into older systems. By implementing smart retrofits, companies benefit by being able to create a sustainable environment, reduce their carbon footprint, decrease energy consumption and the improvement of working environment for employees, to name a few. All of these factors assist the business with reducing overall costs and maximising their profitability.

Not only is retrofitting a major plus for environmental factors, it also aids businesses by giving them advantages over competitors. This can be achieved by utilising smart system control, which gives an overall view of the automated processes in facility onto any phone, tablet or display that is required for monitoring. It also allows for the greatest space utilisation and provides increased operational efficiency.

With these benefits do come challenges. However at Orion, we are experts in being able to carry out these projects to ensure that there is minimal disruption, whilst also providing the maximum benefit for all of the solutions that we offer. We can also offer a complete service, including the CDM and Health and Safety regulations of the site, something that others cannot.

By implementing this type of system, you are able to take advantage of the latest technology available, without having to have a large budget that would be needed for a complete replacement of the existing conveyor systems that you have on site. This will also assist with reducing the amount of obsolesce on site, increase the value of assets and ensure that the business has a modular conveyor design than can be of the replicated on both the current and future sites. To ensure that the best solution is provided, Orion analyse the needs of the business, selecting the relevant data from the tasks being performed, Time in Motion studies and understanding the KPI's behind the upgrade. By doing this, we can ensure that the current ineffective areas of the process can be upgraded to achieve the maximum operational capacity.


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