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Improve your warehouse productivity

Having a system within your warehouse that is efficient means more products can be brought inbound, sorted, and sent to the outbound quicker than before.

Having an effective solution that utilises both humans and robotics, conveyors, sorters etc means better overall productivity throughout the whole warehouse meaning more shipments can be processed each hour.

At Orion, we help you design a system that fits to your warehouse needs. We develop a design that uses your warehouses strengths meaning operations run smoothly and efficiency, increasing your ROI.

We work with you throughout design, install, handover and beyond to understand everything that is needed from the system. Which then allows us to determine which of our products are suitable and best value for money for the system. Our aim throughout any service to a customer is to give the best customer experience while developing a system that gets the best out of your warehouse. Anything from conveyor systems to robotics or mezzanines we have experienced teams who are skilled in all installs.

Our customer service means we will continue to monitor, upgrade and rectify problems or breakdowns after handover with our 24/7 hotline and preventative & corrective maintenance.


After a busy year of online sales and increased demand for warehouse efficiently especially at the Christmas period. Why not contact Orion about getting a system that keeps on top of your demands.

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