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Five ways to increase your warehouse efficiency.

Having a warehouse that maximises productivity means your business can achieve maximum efficiently giving your company more chances for opportunities and growth.

1. Control your inbound and outbound process

Make sure your system or systems are at full efficiency and effectiveness to give your company the quickest lead times.

At Orion we work with you to create the best system for either inbound, outbound or both.

We help develop a system that is predominantly designed by you while using our years of experience to give you the most efficiency.

2. Use all available space within the warehouse

Make sure all space within the warehouse is put to use instead of expanding prematurely. Adding higher racking systems or mezzanine flooring to increase storage or room for a bigger system.

Orion can help integrate and install these systems to give you more floor or shelving throughout your warehouse.

3. Optimize management

Having an established, effective management team to run your project is highly important as it means there is someone who takes charge of decisions and problems that arise on site.

At Orion we offer multiple types of management and we tailor a flexible solution that works best for your site. From program and projects management, to site management and supervision or CDM management we use our experience to create a suitable plan that works to benefit your warehouse.

4. Keep on top of new updates and technologies

An up to date system not only keeps your warehouse at peak efficiency it also can reduce errors and makes for a cleaner space to work in.

Orion not only help you create a system for your warehouse but give you continued 'lifecycle support' after handover and beyond. We offer a service that continuously monitors your system so it always remains the best quality. With both preventative and corrective care and system monitoring, Orion engineers are on hand to fix or make changes to your system whenever is needed.

5. Continuous improvements on your system and site

Continuing on from the previous point, make sure your system has the newest update or products to give you maximum efficiency and make sure your site has the best updates to keep your warehouse safe and clear.

Orion help with improvements by monitoring your system. By doing this we can assess when and what part of a system has gone down and fix it quickly for you. We also offer a 24/7 hotline for call outs, meaning we will dispatch an engineer to your site to fix the issue.


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