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COVID-19, the automation reality.

The reality is, all businesses struggled in the wake of COVID-19. Whether that be short term from adjusting practices and logistics to suit the unknown, or struggling long term to keep up with the countless affects of the pandemic.

However, the affects of the pandemic are most definitely not a permanent problem for this industry. According to Fictiv -A digital manufacturing services provider, Automation is "an industry that is “already quickly rebounding” with investments in digital transformation aimed at improving speed, resilience and sustainability."

This goes to show how much new developments in automation means to companies in a world that is forever changing and improving practices. Being aware and up to date with products, services and technology means businesses can provide the best solution for their customers. Being proactive instead of reactive in automation is key in giving the most efficient service.

Although there are still challenges to be faced by companies in automation or using automation, COVID-19 has paved a way for new innovations. This is where we at Orion come in, we help develop and integrate the systems into customer site giving them the benefits of automation that are shown above.

From design and management to integration and support all the way through and including post handover, we are here for the customer and their every need.

Check out how we can automate your process with our services.

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