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Benefits of an Orion system in your warehouse

At Orion we want our customers to not only have an efficient system, but a definitive say in the design, install and aftercare of their systems. This means we care what you think when going through each part of the process when working with us. We understand that it is your system so you will know what is best for your warehouse, we are just here to help design a system that uses the best technologies to get the best results. With our 15 years+ of experience, we can discuss the best methods and equipment for your needs to help you achieve maximum operational efficiency.

We help customers in a variety of industries, anything from automotive to pharmaceutical and so on with a range of different system types:

  • Conveyor Systems

  • Sortation Systems

  • ASRS

  • Mini-load

  • Robotics

  • Goods lifts

  • Steel structures & Mezzanines

  • Racking and Storage Systems

  • WMS and WCS

  • PLC programming, electrical panels and field wiring

At one of our customer sites, we are working on an install of an Orion carousel picking system. - Shown above.

This system helps our customer with reduced inventory and picking errors, increase in floor space and less labour requirements as well as other benefits that can really help a warehouse to become more effective and efficient.


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