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Automation trends in 2021

Companies have and are still learning how to navigate business after what was a massive change to how everyone worked, shopped, communicated, etc. In this blog we discuss how companies in automation are handling the new way of implementing automation.

One of the biggest trends for 2021 is companies efforts into state of the art IT systems. Businesses now more than ever, rely on the digital experience both internally, for staff communication and externally for customers to be able to buy and communicate with companies. A big example of this is for E-Commerce businesses, having a system that allows customers to order products online, pay online and have them delivered to their homes has become such a demand, most companies who can invest will do. Not only to keep up with competitors but to keep customers on side when for the past year or so they haven't had to leave their homes to purchase items.

Following on from this, 2021 has advanced the use of Hyperautomation in businesses that are willing to experiment and create solutions that use the likes of AI or machine learning to speed up processes or augment workers. An example of this is the recent opening of Amazon's UK 'Amazon Fresh' store. Using technology, customers collect their items and then just walk out once they are finished. This process works by scanning items as they are picked up, the item is then added to your virtual basket. Once you leave the store Amazon take payment through your Amazon account and send you a receipt. No queuing, no cashiers, just in and out!

Another example of Hyperautomation is digital voice assistance. Although these have become popular before 2021, the trend is only increasing. Having an easy, effective way of communicating or purchasing items via talking to a small piece of technology is amazing and so simple. Hyperautomation is definitely the way of the future and will only become more prominent in our day to day lives.


Robots and humans working in tandem will be the new normal.

This statement is becoming more accurate as the years go on and in 2021 we see it everyday. Robotics within warehouses, automated solutions implemented to help increase operational efficiently but is it such a bad thing? As robots and automated systems have been implemented, human productivity has also increased making a better environment and helping to increase efficiency in workers.

According to Forbes's report, "Forrester predicted new forms of automation will support one out of every four remote workers directly or indirectly by the end of the year."

The predictions are that investments in automation will be made to support tasks such as "employee self-service, customer service support and document extraction."


It's amazing how quick new technology is created and implemented, there's no surprise companies have turned to automation and technology to help their businesses thrive.

If your company is looking for a new solution to improve your operational efficiency, contact us at Orion. We help customers with design and implementation through to support and aftercare. We know how much automation means to companies by saving money, time and creating new avenues for service.

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