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Automation reality- the rebound.

Although there has been a pandemic and the UK have recently gone through Brexit, the automation industry is seemly doing okay at picking back up and developing.

This blog is kind of continuation of the past two blogs COVID-19, the automation reality. and UK manufacturing in a post-Brexit world.

Automation has continued throughout both of the unknowns by working to creating new innovations for companies in in a range of industries (E-Commerce, Consumer Goods, Pharmaceutical, etc) who proceeded to supply goods to customers who needed them. Businesses need efficient systems that allow them to get their products out to customers without fail, even in times when more health and safety checks are needed.

Some businesses are doing increasingly well with sales and therefore need larger or more warehouses with up to date solutions. An example of this is Amazon, they have just announced five new UK warehouses with 10,000 jobs as they hit record sales last year. According to The Mirror "Amazon's net income more than tripled to $8.1 billion in the first three months of 2021, exceeding last year's record after large parts of the world went into lockdowns."

Another example is ASOS, their forever growing number of online customers mean they are investing £90 Million into a new warehouse that looks to create 2,000 jobs. According to The Sun, ASOS had "revenues of over £3billion last year." and "more than 23million active customers." This goes to show how popular the brand is and how expansion is definitely needed to ensure they keep up with customer requests, storage handling and fulfilments.

This goes to show how much automation companies are needed to help businesses like the two shown above continue to flourish and supply.

As an automation company ourselves, Orion design, integrate and support solutions for companies who need them. From first time automation to system updates, we help any customer who needs us. Our aim is to help our customers supply their products at the quickest capacity so they keep up with demand and continue to increase their customer base.



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