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Keep on top of demand with Orion

With yet another lockdown in the UK there is another spike for demand for products to be shipped out from online purchases. This can be a real struggle for some companies who haven't quite got enough means to ride the wave of demand, resulting in less productivity and affected productions which in turn leads to unhappy customers.

That's why we're here to help develop system that work efficiently to keep your warehouse/s on track at all times. We work with you to create a design that works within your space but also keeps up with levels of demand so you keep customers happy.

Using equipment such as conveyors or robots to transport products to their locations also allows reduced contact for humans as there is less need for staff to be standing next to each other in a time when we need to stay apart. Those members of staff can then be put to use in a more effective manor at another part of the warehouse.

We can provide you with systems fit for moving products from one destination to another with our conveyor systems, or help your sorting methods become more effective with a sortation system. Orion can even add extra space in your warehouse with one of our mezzanine floors or racking and storage systems.

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