An Outbound Solution Using current layout and existing combi erector and 3m sealers. (Excludes pack tables and totes)

Outbound Solution - Current Layout And Exisiting Combi Erector and 3M Sealers

From £300,000 commissioned and running

General Description

The Orion budget price for Outbound solution using current layout and existing Combi erector and 3M sealers.

Excludes pack tables and totes.

ROI calculated on 25K per head works as follows.

1000 per day orders, 8 - person reduction = £200,000 in 1 year

2000 per day orders 16 - person reduction = £400,000 in 1 year

3000 per day orders 24 - person reduction = £600,000 in 1 year

Tote and Carton Feed Overview

Product is picked directly to Totes; this removes 1 full operator from the process between picking and packing as the QA/Packing process can be taken directly from the totes that are placed into the 4 spurs. 

There is future scope to extend the infeed's throughout the warehouse for less operator travel which will drastically increase pick efficiency.

Carton Feed

Cartons are fed from 2 locations, the Orange block represents the combi machine and the infeed spur is for manual carton erecting. This will enable all carton sizes needed to circulate the loop taking cartons directly to the QA packer, reducing operator movement and increasing pack efficiencies. We have based all initial throughput calcs on 3.5 mins per order packed at this stage. (as worst-case scenario although we would anticipate reduced times with the carton loop)

QA Packing

Packers take completed orders directly from the tote bins (goods to person). QA packing process is completed and cartons introduced to the middle line ready to be auto sealed. Empty totes can be palletized for pick replenishment.

We have currently based our pack locations on 24 stations allowing 3.5 mins per pack with 1-hour lunch over an 8-hour day gives a conservative packing output of 2880 packs per shift. However with the goods to person approach and the carton loop we anticipate improved pack times.

We would also look at future enhancements for taking the empty totes away automatically.

Outbound and Palletising


Cartons make there way through the auto sealers represented by the grey boxes and are manually palletized.

Options for this area would include, fully automatic sealing machines, and robotic palletizing reducing 2 operators per line in total.