Liam Harper

Head of Solution Design

Liam Harper - Head Of Solution Design

How long have you been with Orion MIS?

Since June 2020.

What did you do before joining Orion MIS?

I was a Resident Site Maintenance Engineer at a global logistics automation company.

What is your role within Orion MIS?

I am the Head of Solution Design.

What are you responsible for on a day-to-day basis?

To design a solution for our clients, which optimises their current operations.


How would this process work?

We will receive an RFQ (Request for Quotation). This could be anything from a conceptual idea to a detailed specification. With that I would put my thinking cap on and draft a few ideas to achieve their request. This gives our client options and a chance to feedback any pros and cons. From this we can collaborate within our departments and design a solution tailored to our client. We then provide a detailed design and FDS (Functional Design Specification) for our client. Once design is approved we move onto detailed design. Site visits are necessary to get detailed measurements and functionality specifics. Then a final design is built and our projects team take it from there.


What are three strengths that help you in your role?

  1. An eye for detail.

  2. Problem solving.

  3. Super Speed!

What do you think makes Orion MIS successful?

We are innovators in our industry. Orion is able to create bespoke solutions to suit customer needs. We have a great time with broad skill-sets which collaboratively aid in creating a great customer experience.