Danny Grigg


Danny Grigg - Orion Director

When did you establish Orion MIS?

On the 19th of December 2018, so the company is into it's 4th year.

Why did you choose the name Orion MIS

I was originally sitting on a mountain in Austria and we were going over potential names for the business. I suggested ‘Danny and the assistants’ but no one was a fan of this. While sat, I looked up and saw Orion’s belt, I liked the name and that then became our brand. MIS stands for management, integration, support, so it stands for what we do. Really the MIS was all to do with getting a domain name!

What did you do before creating Orion MIS?

I worked for a successful subcontracting company and within all roles of automation. I started in support and install and then went into consulting in regards to automation and engineering.

What is your role within Orion MIS?

Director and co-founder.

What are you responsible for on a day-to-day basis?

My main role is design, concept and sales, I create solutions for the customers to become more efficient. I also make the main decisions alongside my directing partner Chris. I work with the team to make sure customer concepts become reality.


How would this process work?

I work closely with our determined and capable team. We speak to the customer to understand their needs and then come up with solutions that suit. I collaborate with the customer and Orion staff to give the most efficient and effective system.


What are three strengths that help you in your role?

•    Communication, being open and honest.
•    Taking a modular approach to automation, with a deep understanding of the process.
•    Strong engineering background.

What do you think makes Orion MIS successful?

Being customer centric and easily accessible. We make sure automation and process control is available to everyone. Being an independent integrator, we look for the best solution that supports the customer needs.