Bluhm Labeling System legi-air 4050E with applicator

Bluhm Labeling System Legi-Air 4050E With Applicator

From £24999 commissioned and running

General Description

Thanks to its compact modular system base, The Orion Legi-Air 4050 E can be expandable at any time for a wide range of applications, e.g. by means of special donation stamps or barcode control devices.

E is synonymous with the word "ENHANCED" (extended). This is due to the variety of systems based on the modular design. This consists of a dispensing module, printing module, label onand off-button as well as the lwA600 applicator.

Summary Legi-Air 4050 E

Flexible And Powerful

Labelling is performed from above. The operation also enables high-speed labelling applications as well as a direction-independent positioning of the labelling system on the product. Of course, a number of other application variants are possible, e.g. stamping and wiping labels. If necessary, the legitronic® labelling software is used to control and network the donation systems. This increases throughput times and increases production reliability.

Easy Operation

A display controller with a large multilingual text display allows easy operation. Targeted operator information on machine status is displayed in plain text. Storage options for label- and product-specific parameters, which can be called up again and again quickly. The display controller is removable if required. In the case of complicated installation positions of the pressure dispensers in production, inputs can also be made user-friendly. A motor-driven inspooler ensures a fast and straight forward label web and thus guarantees an exact printing of the labels.

Process Reliability Through Flexible Adaptation To The Label Material

A two-stage vacuum for label transport and donations enables flexible adaptation to the label material (hard or soft) and guarantees process reliability during labelling. Exactly the vacuum is built up, which is required on the one hand for the safe transport of labels to the donation stamp and on the other hand when applying. Control electronics and pneumatics are protected against adverse environmental influences by means of stainless steel housings. Material defect sensors prevent unplanned plant downtimes.


The transmission of the system parameters is made possible via USB. System and maintenance information ensures quick and easy diagnosis.

The System Is Optimized For The Following Parameters:

Shipping Label 105 x 148 mm (WxH), Other Dimensions On Request

Installation Position 1, i.e. Labelling From Above On The Product

Product Order: Chaotic

Product Are Labelled When Stopped

Product Heights: From 5 To 595mm, Other Dimensions On Request

For Conveying Bandwidth 450mm To 650mm; The Products Must Always Be Aligned To The Side Where The Pressure Dispenser Is Located. An Optional Inclined Roller Conveyor Is Suitable For This Purpose.

A SICK Scanner Unit Is Required (Not Included In The Price)

Interface Ethernet To FlexConveyor Control

Incl. Zebra Pressure Module

Incl. Tripod

Technical Details


Printing Time: 0.8Sec (With Optimal Printing Time Without Backfeed, Barcodes Only In Fence Form, No Data Matrix) Cylinder Extend, Label Blow Off: 0.7Sec Cylinder Redrive: 0.5Sec

This Results In A Total Cycle Time Of 2Sec, Whereby You Can Parallelize Certain Cycles By The Product Release After Blowing Off

This Means That 1800 Products Per Hour Can Be Labelled

Compressed Air Consumption: Approx. 3.9Nl/cycle


Protective Devices Are Necessary (Not Included).

Legi-Air 4050N

Vacuum Shutdown

Digital I/O interface

Compressed Air Monitoring And Shutdown

Sensor Label On Stamp

Label Roll End Warning

2 -  Stage Vacuum

U - Arm

Terminal terminal

Multilingual Text Display

Label Large Roll Processing Up To 600m Running Length

Incl. Standardized Data Interface For FlexConveyor Control


Pressure Module ZE500 4"

300DPI RH Version


16MB SDRAM (12MB User Available)

64MB Flash (61MB User Available)

Serial/Parallel/USB/Ethernet Interfaces

Applicator Interface

Adjustable Transmissive And Fixed Reflection Sensors

ZPL Firmware

Safety Instructions And Manual CD

Euro Power Cable


Language Pack 1










Incl. Stop Valve For Cylinders

Incl. Alarm Lamp 3-Coloured (Red, Yellow, Green)

Suction / Blow Stamp RH, Format 120 x 160 mm


K - Tripod Spindle Plate Foot Size 1

Height Tripod Holm 1480mm


Tripod Spindle Manually

K-Tripod Foot With Plate Feet

Painting In RAL 7035 - Light Grey

Label Roll

300 mm Outer Diameter

With Up To 450 LFD. Meter, Roller Core 76

mm (3"), Outer Winding, Roll End Warning

Optional: Inner Winding, Larger

Roller Core Diameter And 350 mm

Label Roll Outer Diameter


After Interval Display