Bluhm Label printing dispenser basic legi-air 2050 with 203 dpi

Bluhm Label Printing Dispenser Basic Legi-Air 2050 With 203 DPI

From £5999 commissioned and running

General Description

The Orion low-cost Label Printing Dispenser Legi-Air 2050 is a compact endurance runner. It labels non-contact, reliable and position-precisely on simple production and packaging lines. Semi-automatic operation is also possible at manual workstations such as in the electronics industry, mechanical engineering or the automotive and supplier industries.

Touchless and variable Labelling

From stamp format to DIN A6 size: The Legi-Air 2050 features a robust tamp-blow applicator that puts the labels on products and packaging without contact. Depending on the label material, format and application, it creates a cycle rate of up to 30 labels per minute. The variable dispensing stroke enables automatic labelling of products of varying degrees. The system continuously monitors whether the labels are in the correct position until they are applied.

High Range, Easy Operation

The Legi-Air 2050 effortlessly depends on equivalent solutions for the range to the next roll change, as it can handle larger label rolls (218 mm outer diameter) and thus an average of 20% more labels. The large 600 m ribbon stock also ensures exceptional stamina. When ribbons or labels need to be added, this is done quickly and easily thanks to the easily accessible construction.

Highlights Label Printing Dispenser Legi Air 2050:

Compact Pressure-Donation System

Tamp Blow (Non-Contact labelling)

Variable Dispensing Stroke: Different Distance To The Product Is Detected Fully Automatically Via A Sensor

Very High Positioning Accuracy During Donation

Stamp Plate 120 x 160 mm Ex Works

Donates Labels In Size 40 x 30mm Up To A Maximum Of 120 x 160 mm (Width x Height)

Stamp Plate Drilled For Various Standard Label Formats in The Start Up Kit

Stamp Plate Undrilled For Custom Label Format Incl. Drill and Video Guide (Do It Yourself)

Stamp Plate Undrilled For Custom Label Format Incl. Drill and Video Guide (Do It Yourself)

Thermal Transfer Or Direct Thermal Printing Process

Excellent Print Accuracy and Print Quality 

8 Points Per mm (203 DPI)

Space-Saving Use Due To Compact Design

The System Is Designed For Continuous Operation

User-Friendly Operation

High Speed Processing

Supports Multiple Emulations

30 Display Languages / 47 Printer Fonts

3.5 Inch Colour Display With Built-In Video Tutorials

Suitable Spray Material (Labels and Thermal Transfer Film) Available for Various Applications

Technical Details

Printing Technology:

Thermal Transfer Or Thermal Direct

Pressure Resolution:

8 Dots / mm (203 dpi)

Printing Speed:

Up To 254 mm Per Second

Donation Performance:

Up To 30 Labels Per Minute (Depending On Label Size, Text Change And Donation Stroke)

Donation Applicators:

Linear Dispensing Stroke 170 mm

Donation Stamp Sizes:

120 160 mm (Optional Smaller Sizes Available)

Label Size:

Minimum 40 x 30 mm, Maximum 120 x 160 mm

Label Gap:

Minimum 3 mm

Label Roll:

Maximum 215 mm Roll Diameter

Up To 200 LFD. Meter Label Web

Roller Core 76.2 mm (3" Inches)

External Winding

Data Interface:

1 x USB (Type B)

1 x LAN


2 x USB (TYP A)

1 x IEEE1284

Optional: Wi-Fi

Programming Languages:

SBPL (Sato)

SDPL (Datamax Emulation)

SZPL (Zebra Emulation)

SIPL (Intermec Emulation)

STPL (Toshiba-TEC Emulation)

Control interfaces:

Potential-Free Outputs (relays)

Optocoupler Inputs

SUB-D Connection For Photocell And Customer Signals

Position Accuracy Of Donated Labels:

Standard Up to  ± 1.5 mm

Pressure Donation Activation (Not Included):

Reflex Probes


Inductive Or Capacitive Sensor


Potential-Free Contacts (PLC)

Alarm Device:

Standard: LED Error Message, Potential-Free Contacts (E.g. For Connecting a PLC)

Compressed Air Connection:

6 Bar; The Compressed Air Must Be Clean, Dry And Oil-Free (DIN ISO 8573-1)

Compressed Air Consumption:

Approx. 2.2 I Per Dispensing Cycle At 6 Bar For Most Applications


From 33 Kg, Depending On The Version

Electrical Connection:

90 To 263 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 5 Amps


Operating Temperature: 10°C to 35°C

15% To 95% Relative Humidity, Non-Condensing


CE Mark