Skilled Designers

Our designer can create a solution that fits your warehouse or distribution centre needs. They will spend time speaking with you to gain insight to all things that are needed and wanted in your system. They will then create a solution that is viable for your space and needs. 

*Please note, some of your requests may not fit into the plan for the solution. This may be because it doesn't work with the design or equipment. However, these changes will only be made once you are aware of why they cannot be used and are happy with the new ideas that have been put in place. 

Our designers tailor make bespoke, modular systems for each individual customer.

Warehouse Residents

We provide an array of maintenance all through-out and after works have been completed as we know there is never an end to conditioning and upgrading systems. That is why we offer assistance with our on site resident engineers.  

Orion's resident engineers are on site 24 hours to assist with breakdowns, upgrades and keeping on top of the system to make sure it continues to run at he highest operational capacity. 

Our designer Tailor makes systems for each customer that is looking for a bespoke solution.

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